specializes in video content creation for live entertainment & video mapping

Based in Belgium, but Creating mind blowing experiences worldwide.



Deep within our core, we want to share stories
and to make you feel part of it.

Our credo is that above technique, above visual, above spectacular,
comes what defines us as human : EMOTIONS


We believe each project deserves it’s own way of working. And thus we approach each project with the same care, whether it’s a world class permanent show or a local event, 

each project deserves the best we can offer.




But what does that mean ?
Where do we come from ?
For answers to those questions
and maybe other philosophical problems,
come read more

Before the spooN

some of the milestones that led us to the creation of Drop The Spoon

  1. A New Day

    Celine Dion's show in Las Vegas
    Directed by Franco Dragone

    That's the first contact we had with the live show entertainment. Coming from advertising and film post-production, we were approached by Dragone to create the content of the first show using indoor LED screen as a backdrop. A revolution at that time. We started working in Belgium then spent 3 months in Las Vegas to create the video content on site.

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  2. Le Rêve

    At Wynn Las Vegas
    Directed by Franco Dragone

    Strong of the experience gathered on "A New Day", we were contracted by Dragone to create the content of "Le Reve". The big difference at that time was the 360 degree nature of the venue and the screens that were placed all around.

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    In New York, USA
    Directed by Linda Haberman

    Our first show as an independent graphic design collective outside of Dragone productions.
    A content creation for one of the most iconic shows on Broadway, a true New York institution since 1933.

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  4. Britney Spears' Circus Tour

    World Tour
    Directed by Jamie King

    We spent 5 weeks in Los Angeles to create the content for Britney Spears' Circus Tour. This is also the time we first met with our friends of VYV and the first contact with the Photon Media Server.

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  5. The House of Dancing Water

    at City of Dreams, Macao
    Directed by Franco Dragone

    Our first big show as members of Dragone Studio. This show is also the first were we started working video live on stage, pushing the boundarie even further in order to adapt and react fast the the requests of the director.

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    European Tour
    Directed by Giuliano Peparini

    Our first major touring show in France, which began with three months of sold-out performances in Paris.
    An extraordinary Musical with the French Revolution as a backdrop, amazingly directed by Giuliano Peparini and produced by Dove Attia and Albert Cohen, the producers of other successful shows like "The Ten Commandments" or "Mozart, the Rock Opera".

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  7. The Han Show

    Wuhan, Hubei, China
    Directed by Franco Dragone

    3 Gigantic moving LED screen on robot arms, a floor so big 24 projectors were needed to cover it... Talk about extravagant !

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  8. Paris Merveilles

    The revue at Lido de Paris
    Directed by Franco Dragone

    A chance to revive an institution without betraying it's spirit. LED screens, projectors and a lot of fun...

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  9. The Dai Show

    in Xishuangbanna, China
    Directed by Franco Dragone

    This show put a strong emphasis on the floor, which was the main projection surface.

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  10. Creation of Drop The Spoon

    Finally, the beginning of our spoons adventures.

More legacy projects and information available in our “before the spoon” projects section.


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