in 2013

we were HOME in BRUSSELS

to create the video content of

 #Live Shows / #Events 



Solvay 150th Anniversary


One of our biggest creations at home, in Belgium, integrating a dreamlike video content inspired by the universe and science on a 360° banner above the public.

An ephemeral show offered by the Solvay company to all its employees on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of their creation by the Belgian brothers Ernest and Alfred Solvay.

A 60-minute immersive odyssey with floor-to-ceiling projections and an all-encompassing image over 17,000 pixels wide to take audiences from our wondrous blue planet to the edge of the infinite universe.

DATE : 10-2013 

CLIENT : Y.Services (


DIRECTION : Samuel Jornot

SET DESIGN : Yvon Van Lancker

VIDEO DESIGN : Patrick Neys / Dragone studio

LIGHT DESIGN : Laurent Kaye

MUSIC : Simon Thierrée 


THE image gallery of our video content for


show conditions with audience

creation and video sessions

facts and challenges

Our biggest piece of work was The SOLAR IMPULSE journey in 360°all around the audience. 

An immersive journey all over the world of more than 2 minutes showing all the icons of our human civilization on our only Planet. 

concepts and renderings

A 360° onirical content, going from the edge of the universe to our fragile blue marble.

souvenirs from backstage

A modern theme for the film industry & video production